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The idea of flying through the air like a bird has held the imaginations of humans for a millennia. Prior to UAV development the closest we could get to this was to fly in a plane or indeed jump out of one. With the rapid advances in drones, we live in the age where everyday people can purchase a small UAV and take to the sky, experience what it is like to soar high above the world as we know it, but…. there is a downside to this new found freedom. Both the laws and indeed the abilities of people flying UAV’s have been left behind as the technology marches forward at an ever increasing pace.
Our goal at DTA is quite simply to bridge the gap between ability and the technology being operated. To empower enthusiasts with the skills they need to enjoy flight in a safe and controlled manner. Our courses are developed off the back of 4 years of flight experience, set in a fun, controlled and informative manner.


We are located in Port Melbourne, Victoria